Jennifer Weiss, Parent of Orli - Class of 2013, Ben - 7th Grade, Joshua - 4th Grade, Jonathan - 2nd Grade.

"To Everyone at Solomon Schechter,

What can we say but THANK YOU!

Every time we look at our grown children we think of you all with such LOVE and RESPECT. YOU are ALL the reason that our children love to learn and have such positive feelings about their youth.
We love you all and you are ALWAYS in my prayers and thoughts. THANK YOU for all the good things you do.

The Nahum Family
Ann and Kenneth
Kelly, Brittany and David"

June, 2013

I really don't need a parent teacher conference night to make me feel this way, but I do have to tell you that such nights only reinforce to me why SSDSGMC is such a special and nurturing place, and there is no other place we would want to send our kids.Thank you for all you do for our school, our children, and our people.

Dr. Todd Cooperman

Thanks a bunch!! Officer Perez and Aniello are quality, top-notch individuals! Doesn't matter how cold... Rainy... Windy... Snowy.. it is outside, they open my car door and welcome my children with a smile on their faces!!! Yoti... you have hired some wonderful people!!! Stay warm. Xoxox

Holly and Elliot Green.

Dear Yoti,
A few months ago, I participated in an ethics course through our local Chabad. Before the planned lecture started, the Rabbi brought up the topic regarding the value of sending our children to Jewish day schools. As a former day school parent with 3 SSDS graduates (2009, 2011 and 2013), I decided to share my thoughts with the class with a story.
My daughter, a freshman at Binghamton University, decided to take the bus home for the very first time to begin the Thanksgiving holiday break. The bus ride was extremely long almost 6+ hours to New York City. My concern for her was that this would be the first time she would navigate the Port Authority terminal. As we all know, the bus terminal is overwhelming for the first time. She would have to purchase the next ticket, locate the gate and catch the NJ transit bus to the Manalapan/Marlboro area. My daughter called and texted several times letting me know she bought the ticket but could not find an info desk or person to inquire which gate she needed to go to. I could feel the panic in her voice and texts. Soon after, she sent me a text that she found the gate and made it to the bus with minutes to spare and only 1 seat left. The very next text she sent to me was that “Hashem must have felt my frustration and saved me the last seat”. When I read this text, I thought to myself only a kid with a Jewish day school background would reference Hashem. My next thought was yes, she got “it”. Solomon Schechter was worth it!!!
I shared this particular story because I know many often question the importance of a Jewish day school education. How will we know if it was all worth it?
Today, I know it was worth it………..
When my daughter attended a Friday night Shabbat service at the local Chabad near the college campus and was bothered that there were kids carrying small handbags and cell phones to the service.
When my middle son got the highest grade on an unannounced test about the Holocaust in his 11th grade history class and was recognized in class by the teacher saying “you must have learned a lot in your middle school”.
When my youngest son was amongst the few invited guests to a camp friend’s Rosh Chodesh Bar Mitzvah that wore his t’fillin at the service.
When my sons, now aged 15 and 17 participate in minyans when our Rabbi calls at a moment’s notice.
Solomon Schechter Day School GMC provided the outstanding Jewish education that we wanted for our children and helped shape their Jewish identity by giving them a voice that I hear loud and clear.
Our children have succeeded at SSDS and continue to succeed beyond at Binghamton University (2017), Communications High School (2015) and Freehold Township High School (2017).
We have many fond memories at SSDS and thank all of the teachers for their love, support, guidance and dedication to our children.
We will continue to support SSDS as we strongly believe in the value of a Jewish day school education.
It is indeed “worth it”!!!

Donna Fassman
Carly (2009), Jack (2011), and Seth (2013) Wisniewski

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